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Bilim Bum

Key points

3 seasons

Broadcast in the state language

More than 10 million views per year

Beneficiries: Children aged 3 to 15 and their parents (icons)

kg_map Broadcast to 7 regions

Problem statement

In some schools in our country, in particular in the regions, there are no disciplines such as chemistry and biology. If these subjects are present, then they teach them theories, without practical work and experiments. Accordingly, children do not have any interest in such sciences. Due to the lack of good personnel, Kyrgyzstan lags behind the whole world in scientific activity.

Project objective

• Increasing interest in scientific disciplines of the younger generation throughout the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
• Creation of useful media content for children.

Project description

Bilim Boom is an educational television project for young and adolescent children. ⠀ The TV show takes place in the form of a conversation between the host and the invited guest, who is a specialist in one of the areas of STEM. During the conversation, one or another area of science is examined and an experiment is carried out, which is explained in a simple and accessible language for children.