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Key points

Participants of the Olympiad:
 Students of grades 5-11 of any educational institution;
 2019 - 1000 participants, 2020 20,000 participants

Participating countries:
 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

Problem statement

The international student assessment program PISA issues reports every year, where Kyrgyzstan has repeatedly taken the last places. The reason of which is the outdated teaching model, in which children are raised "calculators", with an emphasis on STEM disciplines. Subjects such as music, art, developing creative thinking cease to be taught from the sixth grade, and the world is rapidly changing and requires specialists who can see the picture holistically and solve problems creatively. Unfortunately, schools and universities in our country cannot provide the education of the required level, which leads to large immigration and forces people to do the common labour.

Project objective

• Popularization of programming to attract new, potential personnel in the IT field;
• Raising a new generation of specialists who can make a huge contribution to technological progress and improve the quality of people's life in Kyrgyzstan and even around the world;
• Show in practice that it is very difficult for today's students to perceive information while sitting at a desk, listening to the teacher, but it is very easy to learn in a playful way;
• To contribute to the form of education of the Kyrgyz Republic, namely to fill the gap in children's education that has appeared over the years with the help of our platform and new teaching methods in it;

Project description

The programming Olympiad will be held on the Balatech online platform. Balatech is a universal educational platform in Russian and Kyrgyz languages for the study of mobile literacy, effective use of the Internet and programming, based on project activities, contributing to the increase of digital literacy of the population of Kyrgyzstan and the use of interdisciplinary knowledge. The platform is a game where children need to help the main character collect crystals. For completed tasks, users receive points and see their ranking of performance by country. To participate in the Olympiad, participants only need a smartphone or laptop with Internet access