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English Today

Key points

3 seasons

Beneficiaries: Children from 6 to 12 years old and their parents

More than 10 million views per year

More than 100,000 views on youtube

kg_map Broadcast to 7 regions

Problem statement

In the modern world, English is a very common language for conversation and exchange of information for many countries. In Kyrgyzstan, the number of English language learners is increasing every year, but there is a little quality educational content in the Kyrgyz segment. Teaching English is not intensive in schools, and with little practice.

Project objective

• Rise interest in learning English among children and adolescents from the regions of Kyrgyzstan;
• Promoting understanding and comprehension of the English language by creating simple series of programs where children talk and talk about topics;
• Explain to children from remote districts that learning English is very important and necessary;

Project description

English Today is an educational and entertainment program for children with the aim of teaching English. The show consists of 10 episodes, each of which has an original plot and characters. All episodes are structured with extremely simple dialogues in English and with new themes each episode (list of themes provided below). The premiere of the program will be broadcasted on the public television and radio channel OTRK. Further, the program will be broadcasted on the main air of the Balastan channel (a subsidiary channel of OTRK) several times a week without interruptions for commercials. After that, the videos will be available on the official Balastan channel on the YouTube video platform. The timing of the program is 10-12 minutes.